Zac Poonen

True Humility

Humility and Self Judgement

Trials Enrich us and Prepare us for Christ’s Return

Maximum And Minimum Christians – Christ’s Bride And The Harlot Church

The Battle against Sexual Sin

Knowing the Father and Jesus

Paul Washer

How to Abide in Christ

Are You Doing God’s Will or Your Own?

The Problem with the Modern Church

False Teachers

Ferdie Muller

‘n Spesiale boodskap vir NG Kerk lidmate

The Influence of Cecil John Rhodes
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David Pawson

Unlocking the Old Testament (60 videos – awesome bible study)

Unlocking the New Testament (38 videos – awesome bible study)

The Shocking Truth Behind this Biblical Meaning

God and His People – Jewish and Christian

Charismatics and Evangelicals (6 videos)

Letters of Jesus to His Churches (9 videos)

Lessons of the Holocaust for Jews and Christians Part 1 & Part 2
Part 1 Part 2

One For Israel

The Feasts Days – The Calendar of God.

Discover the suffering Messiah in the oldest book of the Bible

The Rapture of Faith

The Gospel of the Rooster

Otto Koning (Missionary to Indonesia)

The Pineapple Story

The Snake Story